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What is sociology? It will also be very difficult to impress your friends with your sociology degree or to convince your parents or your partner that the sacrifices that helped put you through college were worthwhile. Even more, it could be quite a challenge to explain yourself and your qualifications to prospective employers if you cannot tell them simply and succinctly what it is you spent your college career studying. First, we will attempt to define sociology, and then we will consider how sociology is similar to and different from other disciplines. This exercise should help as we begin to turn our empirical interests into sociological research questions. As noted in Chapter 1 "Introduction" , sociology is the scientific study of humans in groups.

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Sociology is a broad field with many approaches on every single level from which society can be viewed. From studies of the individual, to global trends, the field has opportunities for people with vastly different goals. This list of blogs features a diverse range of sociology blogs from scholars, researchers, and practitioners. These blogs can be of interest to sociology students and professionals for any number of reasons.

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Figure 1. Sociologists study how society affects people and how people affect society. Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. Sociology has many sub-sections of study—ranging from the analysis of conversations, to the development of theories, to explaining how the world works. This section will introduce yo u to sociology, give a brief history of the discipline, and demonstrate how sociology can help you understand the world around you using sociological theories.
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