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They promotes stereotypes of masculinity and femininity to the audiences and its appeal of what they are trying to influences the audience to buy. The commercials shows a woman who is selling the stereotypical domestic products and leads to stereotypical ideas of a male and female. The expectations of men and women are judged by physical appearance and behavior to fulfil these concepts instead of being themselves. These concepts masculinity and femininity also influence the type of jobs men and women work Archer, For example, is more common for men to work dangerous jobs in the skilled trades but women are expected to work in jobs such as teaching or nursing Archer,

Views Of Advertising And Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

Stereotyping In Advertising - Words | Cram

This is an unethical action, this because it is unfair, injustice, shows inequality and causes corruption due to that. Racial Profiling separates people by color, race or ethnicity, like discrimination. Within this discrimination, they are basically say that one kind is more likely to do one thing then another. The people who are being misrepresented are often those who have been discriminated against in history. The use of their culture often demeans them even further.

Essay On Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

As a result, this points out how strongly children are affected when they gradually imitate behaviors that the media is promoting. Throughout childhood, advertisements have the ability to target young minds, leaving children accustomed to damaging behaviors. According to the theory about social learning, not only can they learn through direct experience but also can experience by observation of same-sex models which is caused by television exposure.
Stereotypes are a part of our everyday life. We hear stereotypes every day and everywhere. Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation where we make stereotypes for a large group of people.
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