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Probably one of the first essays you ever had to write after you wrote about what you did on your summer vacation was a book review of some kind. You probably gave a brief run-down of the book's major characters, a summary of the plot if there was one or told what the book was about, and then said how wonderful the book was being careful not to reveal too much about the ending. The evaluative essay remains a valuable tool in your arsenal of composition patterns. Writing about literature demands special skills, and we recommend an online document called Suggestions about Writing Papers for Introduction to Literature. Pay special attention to the hints in that document about using quotations.

Guide: How to write evaluative essays

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While studying at a college or university, students experience composing different essays and papers that aim to upgrade their skills and boost competence in the chosen specialization. Everyone knows how to write a simple article, essay, or thesis, but what is an evaluative essay , and how to cope with it? An evaluative essay is a piece of writing that confirms theses provided by a writer concerning a particular subject, publication, or event. To make it correct and show your competence level, you should possess remarkable critical-thinking, analytical, and evaluative skills. Why should you choose our writing masters?

Guide: How to write an evaluation

You're probably used to having your writing evaluated by teachers. Such evaluations can be quite helpful, but they're no substitute for a thoughtful self-evaluation. As the writer, you can evaluate the whole process of composing a paper, from coming up with a topic to revising and editing drafts. Your instructor, on the other hand, often can evaluate only the final product.
This is the fourth and final lesson about Evaluative Essays. To complete this course, read each lesson carefully and then unlock and complete our materials to check your understanding. Lesson 1: What is an academic evaluative essay? Lesson 2: How can I produce an effective evaluative essay? Lesson 3: How is an evaluative academic essay structured?
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