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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Encountering the ghost of his dead father, who tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius, gives reason to Hamlet to seek revenge; however, Hamlet continually postpones his actions and, this being his tragic flaw, leads to his downfall. Bradley says that a Shakespearean tragedy is the story of a hero who encounters significant suffering. The tragic hero brings about his own downfall through his actions, or his tragic flaw, and his destruction affects those around him. Shakespeare also occasionally uses abnormal conditions of the mind, such as insanity, and includes the supernatural, such as ghosts.

Hamlet’s Dilemma

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Hamlet is a victim of his own humanity. The decisionshe must make, make him human, and his indecisiveness makes him a man. Knight, Hamlet had many opportunities to kill Claudius buthe decided not to and rested the justification on his morals. Hamlet tries tologically think of a way to rid the world of the treacherous King, and hislogic, and intelligence were his downfall. Like any tragic hero these were histragic flaws.

Hamlet: the Summary, Themes, and Symbolism of Shakespeare’s Classic Play

In: English and Literature. The ghost of the former king paid a visit to a couple of guards and Hamlet only to tell Hamlet the story of his death. The ghost let Hamlet know that Claudius was the one at fault for his death because he had murdered him.
In the famous play of William Shakespeare Hamlet, the English poet tried to show the tragic image of a man who is trying to find answers to the eternal questions of life and death. The play focuses on vengeance and personal conflict of the main character. Likewise, an unnamed narrator from the gothic story of Edgar Allan Poe The Fall of the House of Usher reluctantly becomes engaged in the events happening in the ancient castle of his old friend Roderick Poe, Also, the revenge theme is slightly touched upon in the story as well.
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