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The main purpose of theories of second-language acquisition SLA is to shed light on how people who already know one language learn a second language. The field of second-language acquisition involves various contributions, such as linguistics , sociolinguistics , psychology , cognitive science , neuroscience , and education. These multiple fields in second-language acquisition can be grouped as four major research strands: a linguistic dimensions of SLA, b cognitive but not linguistic dimensions of SLA, c socio-cultural dimensions of SLA, and d instructional dimensions of SLA. While the orientation of each research strand is distinct, they are in common in that they can guide us to find helpful condition to facilitate successful language learning.

Theories Of Language Acquisition

Second Language Acquisition Theories - Term Paper

Refer the theories of language acquisition Behaviorist theories, nativist theories and interactionist theories and write an evaluation of them. Consider the stages of language acquisition in the evaluation of these theories. Human language development is a huge debate between Nature Vs Nurture within theorists of various fields in psychology. There are three major schools of thought that will be mainly focused on; behaviourist, nativist rationalist and interactionist cognitive and social. The cognitive approach and social context of language development is known as interactionist approach as the language depends upon the child having interaction with its physical and social world. The behaviorist theory was developed in the early twentieth century. The theory was developed as a protest against introspection.

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Much learning takes place through their interaction of language and experience Ministry of Education, Language enables the children to explore and explain their world, to obtain new experience, and to add depth to their knowledge which is already grasped Ministry of education, Schiller stated that "early years is a critical moment in which children develop language skills and it is essential to early childhood educators to understand and support to this learning.
One of the most important topics in cognitive studies is language acquisition. With this astonishment, he believes children language acquisition has received a lot of attention in scholarly circles and debates Pinker, Indeed, accordingly, acquisition of language goes beyond it being interesting, but is an answer to the study of cognitive science.
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